среда, 11 апреля 2012 г.

Debian/Ubuntu packages for deadbeef audio player

Recently was released a new version of my favourite DEADBEEF audio player. DeaDBeeF (as in 0xDEADBEEF) is an audio player for GNU/Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris and probably other UNIX-like systems. This player very minimalistic but have all functionality needed to me.

As for now upstream didn't release binary packages for version 0.5.2 for Debian Squeeze, so I decided to build myself packages for Debian (Squeeze, Wheezy, Sid) and Ubuntu (Maverick, Lucid, Natty, Oneiric) both i386 and amd64 versions. You can grab this packages in my repository in section "main" or just simply download from pool directory (ex. for Squeeze)

Deadbeef 0.5.2

Much more about deadbeef you can learn on it's SourceForge page.

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