среда, 9 мая 2012 г.

Deadbeef 0.5.3 released

New deadbeef music player was released recently. For this release author prepared binary builds for Debian/Ubuntu (available at there). For other platforms available static binary build which distributed as tar.gz archive.

Changelog very impressive. Added many features and also many bugs fixed.

changelog since 0.5.2

  • m3u: fixed few parser bugs; added audio/x-scpls mime-type support; fixed m3uext support
  • adplug: upgraded to 2.2.1, added fake-surround support and emu selection
  • added ShellExec GUI configuration support (thanks to Azeem Arshad)
  • fixed id3v2 parser whitespace trimming bug
  • "Stop after current" can be reconfigured to be auto-reset each time
  • auto-save EQ state on every change
  • gcc 4.7 compile fix in SID plugin
  • added new Sort->Random feature, to randomize the playlist (thanks to Defusix)
  • converter: fixed writing wav files sized over 2 gigs
  • converter: added support for reconstructing of the folder structrure based on longest common root folder
  • converter: added support for writing files to the source track folders
  • fixed possible hang caused by race condition in the alsa/streamer interaction
  • wildmidi: fixed possible linking errors
  • fixed ignoring cuesheet and log fields in search
  • added support for TXX DATE field as written by FB2K
  • bogus "plugin.so file not found" errors are no longer printed
  • fixed bug in search window causing all tracks to become selected on some actions
  • fixed possible crash when loading corrupted playlist files
  • EQ window will reflect changes in the DSP chain configuration
  • fixed excessive CPU load while streamer is waiting for the last track to finish
  • alsa: fixed sleep time bug, which should improve CPU load (thanks to Martin Panter)
  • alsa: fixed buffer underrun handling problem which was causing sound jittering on slow media like sshfs, cd, etc (thanks to Martin Panter)
  • mp3: added option to disable gapless playback, but improve speed (thanks to Martin Panter)
  • aac: fix to potential reading past the end of array (thanks to Martin Panter)
  • new default cover-art image by TheSame
  • fixed loading m3u/pls over http when the file size is unknown
  • added m3u and pls url mime types (audio/x-mpegurl;audio/x-scpls) to deadbeef.desktop
The most notable thing in Debian/Ubuntu package - deadbeef binary placed in /opt/deadbeef/bin. So if you want to run binary from command line you should add /opt/deadbeef/bin to your PATH variable. Example for bash:

$ cat >> ~/.bashrc << EOF
if [ -d /opt/deadbeef/bin ]; then
     export PATH=/opt/deadbeef/bin:$PATH

Enjoy new release.

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